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The cars offered

Supertourism by MRacing race car, 3.5L Atmo, Sequential gearbox 6, 18" wheel, 285mm wide, weight 850kg, dimensions 4.30m(L) x 1.80m(W)


Engine : 3.5L Atmo (330CV)

Gearbox: sequential 6

Wheels: 18 '', 285mm wide

Weight: 850 kg

Dimensions: 4.30m (L) x 1.80m (W)

Race car JS2R by MRacing Engine: 3.7L Ford V6 (330 HP) Gearbox: 6 speed paddle shifter Wheels: 18'', 290 mm wide Weight: 1010 kg Dimensions: 4.41m (L) x 1.90m (W)


Engine: 3.7L Ford V6 (330 HP)

Gearbox: 6 paddle speeds

Wheels: 18 '', 290mm wide

Weight: 1010 kg

Dimensions: 4.41m (L) x 1.90m (W)

Racing car LMP3 by MRacing Engine: 5L V8 Atmo (420HP) Gearbox: sequential 6, Xtrac Wheels: 18'', 280mm wide Weight: 930 kg Dimensions: 4.65m (L) x 1.90m (W)


Moteur : 5L V8 Atmo (420CV)

Boite : séquentielle 6, Xtrac

Roues : 18’’, 280mm de large

Poids : 930 kg

Dimensions : 4.65m (L) x 1.90m (l)

The supercars

Capture d’écran 2021-01-08 à 17.25.05.


Engine: V12 (740CV)

Gearbox : Automatique 7 rapports

Speed : 350 km/h

Weight: 1575 kg

Dimensions : 4.79m (L) x 2.03m (l)


Porsche 911

Engine : 4.0L 6cyl. injection direct 

Gearbox :Automatique

Speed:  296 km/h

Weight :1450 kg

Dimensions: 4.57m (L) x 1.90m (W)

LMP3 by M-Racing

LMP3 by M-Racing

How it works ?



Once on the circuit we take care of everything, we provide you with all the necessary equipment: helmet, gloves, suit, become a real pilot!


We offer you two VIP laps alongside one of our pilots.



One of our world-class pilots will give you training to make the most of this exceptional day.




Stay and eat with the team in a friendly and sporty atmosphere.  



You will be followed throughout the day to learn and improve thanks to the coaching of our experts who will use the on-board camera of your car.


Do you need a hotel and good addresses? We can take care of it for you.


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